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Kinese is a premier medical facilitator service in California. We are dedicated to reinventing the medical process. By bundling the payment, we take the confusion of insurance out of the picture and provide you with a single transparent price that covers the facility, physician, and anesthesiology fees. Kinese recognizes health and mobility are vital to the way individuals lead their lives and believe patients should have immediate access to the best specialists in the world striving to provide authentic and personalized care. Connected with physicians across the state of California, we listen to your needs in order to coordinate a tailored medical experience that is sure to exceed all of your expectations. View our explainer video, or read here to learn more.

If you experience a sudden injury that needs timely attention, Kinese will schedule your initial consultation and remain your single point of contact through your recovery. Avoid long Urgent Care wait times, and allow us to connect you with the best doctors in orthopedics. Chat with us online, email info@kinese.com, or call 1 855-342-6761 to learn more about our cash pricing structure or to schedule an appointment today.

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