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We believe that medical pricing should not be confusing. At Kinese, we provide you with transparent pricing for your medical or surgical procedure. These costs include the facility fee, surgeon fee and anesthesiology fee. The below is not a fully comprehensive list of our services. If your specific need or procedure is not listed, Kinese will provide you with a cash-rate well in advance of your procedure once we learn more about your unique surgical requirements.*

Allow us to simplify the process by providing you with one flat rate. Should you have any questions regarding Kinese pricing, please contact a Kinese representative.

*Please note that prices may vary for personal injury lien cases, but Kinese will still provide you with your pricing prior to your appointment.

Ankle Surgeries

Achilles Tendon Repair$10,350
Ankle Collateral Ligament Repair$8,950
Open Ankle Fracture Repair$13,350
Ankle Arthroscopy$8,650
Ankle Tendon Repair$8,500
Total Ankle ReplacementCall for Pricing

Foot Surgeries

Excision of Morton’s Neuroma$5,750
Hammertoe Repair (Single)$5,750
Hammertoe Repair (Multiple or Bilateral)$8,725
Bunionectomy (Single)$9,050
Bunionectomy (Multiple or Bilateral)$13,475
Incision of Foot Bones (Osteotomy)$9,500
Open Repair of Metatarsal Fracture$8,650
Fusion of Foot Bones$14,250
Removal of Foot Bone Cyst or Benign Tumor$6,750

Elbow & Arm Surgeries

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)$8,600
Elbow Arthroscopy$8,850
Tendon or Muscle Repair at Elbow or Upper Arm$9,800
Elbow Medial Collateral Ligament Reconstruction$18,400
Total Elbow ReplacementCall for Pricing

Hand & Forearm Surgeries

Carpal Tunnel Release$6,000
Incise Finger Tendon Sheath$6,000
Incise Wrist Tendon Sheath$5,500
Remove Hand or Finger Tendon Sheath Lesion$5,400
Ganglion Cyst Removal$5,500
Wrist Joint Repair$10,750
Wrist Arthroscopy$8,500
Release Palm Contracture$9,500
Ulnar Nerve Transposition$8,000
Open Radial Fracture Repair$12,650
Open Ulnar Fracture Repair$12,400

Pain Management Procedures

Translaminar/Interlaminar Steroid & Anesthetic Injection$3,400
Transforaminal Epidural Injection (Single Level)$3,400
Transforaminal Epidural Injection (Bilateral or Multiple Levels)$5,150
Facet Joint Injection (Single Level)$3,400
Facet Joint Injection (Bilateral or Multiple Levels)$5,150
Radiofrequency Facet Joint Denervation (Single Level)$4,800
Radiofrequency Facet Joint Denervation (Bilateral or Multiple Levels)$6,400

Back & Spine Surgeries

Laminectomy / Hemilaminotomy (Single Level)$25,500
Laminectomy / Hemilaminotomy (Bilateral or Two Level)$30,100
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (Single Level)
***Includes Implants
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (Two Level)
***Includes Implants
Anterior Cervical Disk Replacement
***Includes Implants
Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial
***Includes Implants
Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant
***Includes Implants

Knee Surgeries

Manipulation of Knee Under Anesthesia$3,500
Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair 
    With Autograft$17,350
    With Allograft
    ***Includes Implants
Knee Arthroscopy (Includes Meniscectomy, Meniscal Repair, Lateral Release, Synovectomy, and/or Microfracture)$9,900
Partial Knee Replacement (Unicompartmental)
***Includes Implants
Knee Ligament Reconstruction$17,150
Limb Lengthening (Single or Double)Call for Pricing
Total Knee ReplacementCall for Pricing

Shoulder Surgeries

Manipulation of Shoulder Under Anesthesia$3,700
Shoulder Arthroscopy (Includes Debridement, Decompression, Capsular Release, SLAP Repair, and/or Biceps Tenodesis)$12,250
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff$16,000
Open Rotator Cuff Repair$12,900
Open Clavicle Repair$13,750
Total Shoulder ReplacementCall for Pricing

Nasal & Sinus Surgeries

Septoplasty (Includes Submucosal Resection)$11,500
Septoplasty with Pillar Implant Procedure for Snoring & Sleep Apnea$15,000
Pillar Implant Procedure for Snoring & Sleep Apnea$6,600
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Includes Septoplasty, Ethmoidectomy, Maxillary Antrostomy, Sinus Tissue Removal, and/or Sphenoidotomy)$16,200

Surgical Procedures

Prior to your surgery, we will provide you with the total price for the procedure. You will not be billed in excess of the procedure cost provided unless you are expressly informed otherwise. Should you desire a surgery not listed above please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your specific medical needs.

Please note the following regarding the price of your surgical procedure:

  • The total price includes the surgeon fee, anesthesia fee and facility fee.
  • The listed prices remain the same regardless of physician or location.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, listed prices do not include implant costs. In most cases, your surgery coordinator will be able to accurately estimate what this price will be.
  • 100% of surgical costs are due prior to surgery.

Additional Services

Upon request we are available to arrange additional services alongside your surgical care. To learn more about the additional hospitality services available, please call 1-855-342-6761 or email


If you have medical insurance we may be able to work with your insurance provider. In these cases the above prices will not be valid. Please call 1-855-342-6761 or email for additional insurance information.

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