Our Process

At Kinese, we are committed to providing a reliable, comfortable and quality medical experience tailored to meet your individual needs or the unique specifications of your company or firm. Simply call us, and we’ll handle the rest! We schedule and coordinate your appointments from initial consultation through recovery, and bundle your services so that you only pay one flat rate without the hassle of insurance. We distribute your payment to the necessary providers so that you can focus solely on your recovery.

By bundling our services, we are able to offer a transparent pricing model so that you will never be surprised by ambiguous or hidden fees. View our explainer video here.

Sudden or Chronic Injury-Contact Kinese-Kinese connects patient to specialized physician dedicated to understanding your individual needs-client provides medical records-physican approves consultation-kinese provides bundled payment plan or EOB-Patient and Physician meet-medical treatment-medical treatment costs due-recovery and rehabilitation-return home. *Kinese connects you to a specialized physician dedicated to understanding your individual needs.