July 13, 2016

Sports Medicine in Medical Tourism

sports medicine

The term ‘sports medicine’ refers to the branch of orthopedic surgery that focuses on treatment of injuries resulting from athletic activities. Typically, sports medicine procedures are minimally invasive, which means that the surgery is performed with an arthroscope that is inserted through a small incision. The largest benefits to having a procedure performed arthroscopically is a greatly reduced recovery period with lower pain level, minimal scarring and decreased risk of complications.

Sports medicine is not a new phenomenon in the medical tourism arena. In fact, professional athletes have been traveling to receive diagnosis, second opinions and surgery for years. They typically have the same mindset as regular medical tourists – they want to seek the best care available and recover at the fastest speed possible. While cost may be a factor for non-professional athletes, competitors of all levels will make great sacrifices in order to return to their sport as soon as possible. In most cases, this means traveling thousands of miles.

Injured athletes require a significant amount of after care. Physical therapy is essential to regaining strength and mobility after surgery. More and more athletes are finding it easier to travel to an area where teams of specialists are readily available to assist in the recovery process. Physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers all play a significant role in the recovery of unique athletic injuries. With open lines of communication between the physical therapist and the surgeon throughout the entire process, the athlete is almost ensured optimal results.

With more and more athletic injuries requiring specific procedures, it is essential for athletes to find the right surgeon and rehabilitation team that is specialized in treating their injury. As surgeons and rehabilitation centers are partnering together, athletes of all levels have become medical tourists seeking the best care available from all-encompassing programs.

Kinese is proud to partner with some of the best surgeons and physical therapists in California to provide athletes with the highest standard of care possible. In the next few weeks, Kinese will be sharing tips and information specifically for athletes of all levels.